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12/28/2016 / By newstarget

At first, the 2016 murder figures for gun-controlled Chicago drew attention by hitting 500, which was 32 higher than the

05/20/2016 / By newstarget

(NaturalNews) Sometimes President Barack Obama can’t get out of the way of his own hypocrisy. In December, the Chinese government

05/17/2016 / By newstarget

Picture yourself still alive in the future. Perhaps after the new world order is fully operational (2030 or beyond). By

04/05/2016 / By newstarget

(NaturalNews) Freedom of speech is one of our most precious rights as Americans, but what must be understood is that

03/23/2016 / By newstarget

(NaturalNews) The modern day public school system has become a mind control operation that conditions children to simulate into compliant,

03/01/2016 / By newstarget

What does an informal Mexican food restaurant with the name “Illegal Pete” invoke in you? Does it make you laugh,

02/10/2016 / By newstarget

(NaturalNews) It’s the ultimate in speech policing and political correctness, with a side of tyranny and a dose of insanity

01/13/2016 / By newstarget

A new CBS report ahead of President Obama’s last State of the Union address details how the Republican response– delivered

01/12/2016 / By newstarget

Jimmy Kimmel Live! documented the hilarious (and concerning) responses of millennials who congratulated North Korea after being told it successfully completed

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