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01/04/2016 / By Chris Draper

More and more case studies are verifying what the alternative media has long reported: People who embrace liberal policies like

12/31/2015 / By Chris Draper

A local news station recently covered a murder investigation that featured arguably the worst eyewitness sketch in history. Ironically, the

12/31/2015 / By Chris Draper

Gary Nathaniel Moore, 37, was arrested and charged for starting a fire Christmas day that destroyed a Houston, Texas mosque

12/28/2015 / By Chris Draper

Video games are considered a hobby, pastime and even obsession by gamers, but very few would go so far as

11/11/2015 / By Chris Draper

University of Texas (UT) professors are up in arms about the passage of campus carry legislation SB 11, which prohibits

11/10/2015 / By Chris Draper

Elon Musk announced that he will be making adjustments to Tesla’s autopilot to thwart drivers from “doing crazy things.” The

11/09/2015 / By Chris Draper

In today’s age of hypersensitivity, people have become so afraid to offend anybody — including themselves! At least, that’s what happened at the

10/07/2015 / By Chris Draper

The school shooting in Roseburg, Oregon left behind multiple fatalities. The school, Umpqua Community College, has approximately 3,000 students enrolled in

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