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Democrats scramble to convince and prevent their own from joining Trump’s team

The Democratic Party has been fearing President-elect Donald Trump for well over a year now. Since it first became clear that he was going to be a problem for whoever he was up against — Crooked Hillary Clinton — they have been doing everything in their power to discredit him and pass his supporters off as being mindless racists. It’s too bad for them that America at large is too smart to fall victim to this unfair character assassination.

What has followed since has left the Democrats scrambling to try and figure out what to do and none of them seem to have any answers. After Donald Trump’s massive victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, many people associated with the Democratic Party quickly began to jump ship and join the so-called Trump Train.

According to a report published by Fox News, the Democratic Party “recently launched a ‘full court press’ to retain Sens. Joe Manchin, of West Virginia, and Heidi Heitkamp, of North Dakota, after each met with Republican President-elect Donald Trump … Manchin now appears less likely to bolt — after saying he wants to remain in the Senate and being passed over for Energy secretary — which puts the focus squarely on Heitkamp.”

It is no wonder why so many people are leaving the Democratic Party after all this time. It is clear that the captains have lost complete control over the ship and if people want to succeed, it is becoming more and more apparent that they need to distance themselves from the DNC if they ever want to be taken seriously again. Furthermore, it is not surprising that those same people want to be connected to Donald Trump. He has proven in recent months that he doesn’t know how to lose. Politically, everything he has touched has worked out in the end. Who wouldn’t want that rubbing off on them?

Since it doesn’t appear as though they will ever learn their lesson about this, it is only a matter of time before the entire party fails to exist. Their only option at this point is to learn to live with Donald Trump and his cabinet or they will lose party member after party member. It’s time for the United States to come together instead of fighting each other. Our country needs it now more than ever.



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