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Europe is being obliterated by political correctness, socialism

The continent of Europe is slowly dying, and it is a self-inflicted death.

Usually, this decline is quite abrupt, but in Europe’s case, it is a slow process that will nevertheless end up the same. What’s killing the continent and its various nations is seeping political correctness that is preventing majorities from seeing dangers right in front of their faces, and top-down, overly regulated economic policies that favor the uber-wealthy elite while punishing small businesses and the working class.

As to the first problem, most Europeans and their leaders have purposely turned a blind eye to what amounts to a slow takeover of their countries via mass Islamic migration. Millions are streaming in from poverty-stricken Muslim-dominated countries, bringing with them a foreign religion and culture that is not tolerant at all of those who are dissimilar. Europe has been trending atheistic for decades now, but retains a Christian undertone, as manifested in the Church of England and the Vatican, head of the Roman Catholic Church.

But Muslims streaming in from war-torn countries like Syria and Somalia, as well as other nations like Algeria, Egypt, Iran and Yemen, are bringing with them violent extremists who have already killed and maimed hundreds in France, Belgium, and England. Even the great city of London has elected its first Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, who has already moved against free speech and expression by banning sexualized images of women on public transportation, such as bikini-clad models. This, just a few years after suspected Muslim vandals began painting over such images in Tower Hamlets in East London.

Europeans have also gone out of their way to smooth over mass rapes by Muslim men of women by offering classes explaining how Western culture frowns upon that (as if the men didn’t already know that).

As to Europe’s economic model – socialism – there isn’t a proven example in the history of the world where top-down, government-managed economies thrive, at least to the extent that free-market capitalism, when it was still being practiced in the United States, has thrived.

Post-World War II, especially, saw the rise of nanny state leaders and parliaments as Europeans increasing turned to both to “run” their lives, telling them when to vacation, when to retire, when and where to buy health insurance and other vital services – all without competition and all without much thought about efficiency. In the end, Europeans became largely docile to the point where they can’t even defend themselves, according to some senior military officials.

Socialism has brought Europe economic stagnation, unemployment (why work when you can “earn” a government check without any thought as to who is actually paying for it?), and cradle-to-grave management that has robbed individuals of their liberty, freedom and motivation to do better.

Once-proud Europe is being broken down by the hands of its own citizens.


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