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BLM becomes a GLOBAL hate group after London disruptions

Black Lives Matter has been a source of controversy since it first began trending on Twitter way back when. While many used this hashtag to express genuine grievances about police brutality, many used it as a way to demonize everyone of a different skin color, as well as to extort money from other marginalized groups.

After a while, it seemed as though the bad was consistently outweighing the good. Now that is all but confirmed when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Recently, a handful of protestors involved with the movement gathered outside of the London City Airport in order to cause a stir. After attempting to prevent a plan from taking off by blocking the runway, nine protestors were arrested and charged with aggravated trespass as well as being unlawfully airside within a restricted area of an aerodrome. While the Regressive Left is sure to argue that these charges are unjust, it’s completely irresponsible to put other people’s lives in danger by behaving this way.

There’s a big difference between protesting and endangering innocent people. There are ways to make your point and have your voice heard without infringing on the human rights of others. The problem has become that the Black Lives Matter movement, for the most part, cannot seem to avoid infringing on those rights. Whether it be interrupting art events, private speaking engagements, or blocking highways, those involved with Black Lives Matter really don’t seem to get it.

The reason people are annoyed, frustrated and angered by them isn’t because they are standing up for the rights of black people — it’s quite the contrary, actually — it’s because they are being unbearably obnoxious about it all. It’s possible to care about social issues while also contributing to society and leading a productive life. You don’t have to think about something every waking second of your life in order to care about it.

Instead, unfortunately, Black Lives Matter has become a borderline terrorist organization of overly emotional slacktivists with holier-than-thou attitudes. Yet, criticizing the ridiculous, occasionally violent behavior of the movement will inevitably leave you being referred to as a racist bigot with a small mind and an agenda to keep minorities oppressed.

As a country, we seem to have completely lost our objectivity. We cannot seem to view things logically and honestly anymore. Everything has to be black and white thanks to the absurd, authoritarian newspeak enacted by leftists who view this skewed morality trip as the only way to get people on their side. Their ideas are completely bogus, so they have to guilt people into pretending to think the same way that they do.

For our country to continue to progress, we have to end this form of censorship. If we don’t put an end to it, and soon, we could end up with gangs of movements like Black Lives Matter controlling the way we live our lives — and that doesn’t sound like a positive future to me.



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