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Under democrat rule, Chicago homicides are at a 20-year high

It was recently reported by that August was the deadliest month for Chicago in 20 years. Over the course of 31 days, 472 people were victims of gun violence, which equates to an average of roughly 15 victims every day of the month. 90 of those 472 died as a result. That is absolutely stunning. reports, “There were more than 449 homicides in the city between the start of the year and the end of August, a roughly 50 percent increase over the same period last year, police said.” These numbers are nothing short of staggering.

For years now, Chicago has widely been regarded as the most dangerous city in America, and for good reason. Gang violence is soaring, murders are an everyday occurrence and it’s all so commonplace that many wonder if there’s any hope for the city in the future. Nobody seems to have any answers for how to prevent these levels of violence from continuing to grow. In fact, the only solution the democrats running the place have suggested in placing a ban on firearms.

Of course, this will only lead to more murders as the law-abiding citizens in the area will no longer be able to protect themselves from the criminals that will carry firearms whether or not they are legal and easily accessible. That is not an intelligent or effective solution to an extremely serious, life-threatening problem.

So if nothing is changing — and things are only getting worse — then why do the residents of Chicago continue to elect the same uninspired democratic candidates that provide no answers and no solutions to their issues? What reasoning could there possibly be to justify such insane behavior?

Unless Chicago is going to become a complete dystopian-style society, something must change soon. Its citizens cannot survive in this environment much longer. If you analyze the situation from a few years ago, it didn’t appear as though it could get any worse. And still, it has gotten much, much more volatile. It’ll be a dangerous, frightening revelation to discover what the peak is, in that regard.

The residents of Chicago need to make their voices heard with their votes. Getting rid of the leftists that currently hold office in their city is an absolute must. And for the rest of us — the American citizens that don’t live in Chicago — what’s happening in the Windy City should serve as a warning to make your way out to the polls and vote for candidates that you can trust…

Or your town could end up like Chicago.



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