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Democrats make sure capital punishment is expensive, then complain about the price

Aren’t leftists just the absolute worst?

Constantly evoking a sense of moral superiority in order to push their agendas because the facts and statistics never back up their beliefs, these people seem intent on preventing our country from truly flourishing for law-abiding citizens. All of the regulations that try to pass make life easier from criminals and harder for us honest folks.

If you want proof of this, look no further than the death penalty, which authoritarian leftists claim is inhumane, evil, racist, sexist, homophobic and every other buzzword they can possibly throw around. Apparently eradicating the planet of truly evil people isn’t attractive to democrats. Go figure.

They also claim that it’s more expensive to sentence prisoners to be executed than it is to sentence them to life in prison, but that’s only true because leftists make sure that the process is more expensive.

Many times, prisoners wait in prison for years or even decades before they see their day in court — which is a massive problem in and of itself — but that’s a problem that democrats can fix. If they pass criminal justice reform legislation, all of these issues can be resolved. They clearly don’t want them to be resolved, though. That’s the only explanation. So why is that the case? What are they really gaining here?

It’s honestly not an unbelievable theory that eventually leftists are going to try to eradicate prison sentences altogether. At some point they could deem the entire system “problematic” to the point where dangerous criminals are allowed to walk freely to avoid government officials offending anyone or being deemed “racist.” It sounds completely absurd, but if there’s anything we’ve learned over the past few years it’s that leftists are completely absurd.

This kind of behavior is exactly why all of us law-abiding American citizens need to be ready for a legitimate collapse of society. Anything could happen.

The entire criminal justice system needs revamping — and what better way to kick-start that change than by speeding up the death penalty process?



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