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Why calling for gun bans as ‘common sense gun control’ isn’t any different than claiming alcohol prohibition was common sense

The Regressive Left will stop at nothing to promote a repeal of the Second Amendment.

At this point, law-abiding citizens who happen to utilize their right to bear arms are placed firmly at the bottom of the list of those “marginalized groups” that liberals feel a divine right to defend; the same list that is now dominated by the radical Islamic terrorists who are causing terror all over the country.

Yet, the Left wants so badly to place the blame on firearms instead of radicalized religion. It seems as though no amount of evidence proving the radicalization of Islam will be good enough for them. Firearms will always be the enemy in that battle.

In a brilliant piece of satire published by Poor Richard’s News, the repeal of guns is compared to the repeal of alcohol in the 1920s.

The author writes, “It’s time to face it, America has an alcohol problem. If there is anything that recent events have shown us, it’s that we can no longer be trusted with the unfettered right to consume it. It’s got to stop. Innocent people are dying. Something must be done.”

It hilariously echoes the cries of the regressives as they continue to place responsibility on inanimate objects as opposed to on the human beings who choose to abuse those inanimate objects. Much like alcohol prohibition in the early 20th century, a ban on firearms is doomed to fail. This country was founded on the right to bear arms, and the Second Amendment is such a vital part of our free society that attempting to take away the guns of American citizens would end in disaster.

Libertarians, conservatives, and the rare liberals who still care about the United States Constitution would combat this form of tyranny with such ferociousness that the federal government would immediately discover what a mistake they made. Prohibition resulted in otherwise law-abiding people sneaking underground to obtain alcohol. The exact same thing will happen with firearms.

We love our alcohol and we love our guns.



Poor Richard’s News

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