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A talking parrot could help solve a murder case

Time and time again, life proves to be stranger than fiction. Just like the plot of a courtroom comedy from the 1980s, a talking parrot is now considered a potential eyewitness in a murder case.

The family of Martin Duram, the 45-year-old murder victim, is convinced that his pet parrot, Bud, is uttering the phrase “Don’t f***ing shoot,” in different vocal pitches, in an attempt to reenact the events that led up to Duram’s murder. Martin’s wife, Glenna Duram, was also found at the scene of the crime with a shotgun wound to the head. She survived the assault.

Here’s where things get even stranger: the Duram family believes that Glenna shot and killed Martin before turning the gun on herself in an attempted suicide. They believe that Bud is repeating the phrase Martin said in desperation shortly before his wife killed him: “Don’t f***ing shoot.” Found at the crime scene were a series of suicide notes written by Glenna that she now claims to have no recollection of writing. As for what really happened that day, perhaps Bud knows better than anyone.

According to Glenn Reynolds, a spokesperson for the World Parrot Trust, it’s highly unlikely – though not impossible – that the parrot is attempting to mimic the events surrounding the murder. Reynolds stated, “I have heard them mimic voices that were so close to the person’s voice that you would think it’s that person.” Hearing that, it makes it all too possible that Bud actually is trying to help solve the case.

Time will tell as to whether or not Bud actually ends up being the key witness the Duram family believes him to be. But regardless of the outcome, the fact that a talking bird could potentially solve a murder case is nothing short of incredible.


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