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Swedish police ordered to withhold criminal suspects’ ethnicity to avoid being “racist”

Migrant-related crime, mostly in the form of assaults – and most of those in the form of sexual assaults against women – are getting out of hand in Europe, thanks to the inability of Left-leaning governments who created the problem due to generous immigration policies, even though they will not admit there is one.

In fact, EU governments are going out of their way to avoid the appearance that they are “racists” and bigots that they are even ordering their police forces to avoid discussing or releasing migrant criminals’ ethnicity.

As reported by The Blaze and Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, an internal letter that was circulated among Swedish cops instructed officers to hold off on informing the citizenry about key racial and ethnic characteristics of criminal suspects, to include skin color and nationality, so that they could avoid charges of bigotry.

The letter was circulated internally among police in the nation’s capital of Stockholm in September, the local paper reported. It wasn’t clear who initiated the instructions to leave out racial details of suspects, but it was either the head of police or the government, most likely.

A translation by the British newspaper The Independent noted that instructions on withholding a description of suspects’ ethnicities applied to a number of crimes ranging “from lighter traffic accidents to serious crimes like muggings, beatings and murder.”

The UK paper further reported that the letter was crafted by police public relations officers Wolf Gyllander and Carina Skagerlind, who advised police officers that crimes reported online should also avoid the use of ethnic descriptions (which would clearly make it more difficult to actually identify suspects, would it not?). In addition the letter advised cops against telling the public how tall suspects were as well, the Swedish paper reported.

“We want to avoid pointing out ethnic groups as criminal,” Gyllander said.

In addition, the site Speisa reported that the letter read, in part: “Criticism is sometimes made against police regarding information about people’s skin color. It is perceived as racist. As police are not racist, nor shall be constructed as so, this directive now applies.”

As noted by Breitbart London, the Left-wing media in the U.S. and Europe are accomplices in this idiocy.

Citing a story in the UK’s Independent, Breitbart’s Raheem Kassam hits back at the rival publication for attempting to use a harrowing video shot by a Russian camerman showing the utter destruction of Syria’s third-largest city, Homs, as a means of European leaders who are starting to regret being so generous to migrants from Syria and elsewhere.

“The language of a continent that once appeared to welcome refugees no longer appears so accommodating, despite the evidently dire situation in Homs, Damascus and other Syrian cities reduced to ruins over the last five years,” writes Charlie Atkin for the Independent.

He goes on to lament that fact that a number of EU governments have started implementing policies – demanded by their citizens, by the way – aimed at mitigating migrant crime sprees and over-extension of accommodations that some EU nations are starting to realize they can no longer afford.

And while admittedly the images in the Homs video, which were shot using a drone and which may actually be for Russian government propaganda purposes (to justify Moscow’s intervention there), show horrific destruction, why that must be somehow blamed on Europe and the West is baffling, especially given the West’s initial open-arms policy – a policy that, by the way, was abused by the migrants.

It’s typical for self-loathing journalists in the old media to “Blame the West First” because that’s what they’ve been trained at college to do by self-loathing journalism professors. But if there is any group to blame for the destruction of Syria and the Middle East in general, you won’t find them in any Western countries.

The only thing Europeans are guilty of, at this point, is being too generous.


The Blaze

Breitbart London

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