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Liberal ‘college news’ website accuses comedienne Amy Schumer of murder for not adhering to politically correct obedience speech

The power of political correctness has reached an all-time high as even comedians are now being blacklisted for saying the “wrong” thing. Amy Schumer, who was first put on the map following her stint on “Last Comic Standing” in 2007, is the latest victim of such attacks.

Arguably the most popular comic today, Schumer is not only being called a racist, but an accomplice to murder. The attacks against Schumer are coming from all angles including The Guardian, The Washington Post and most recently The College Fix, a liberal college news website that’s supposedly dedicated to “higher education news.”

In a recent piece titled “This comedienne is an accomplice to murder for telling jokes about Mexicans,” the publication says Schumer is “[P]artly responsible for Dylann Roof’s race-driven murder of nine people in a black church in Charleston. Seriously.”

The statement is a continuation of an argument made by professors at American University and Washington State University in a Washington Post op-ed in which they sarcastically ask how funny it would be if Schumer ran on the 2016 presidential ticket along side Donald Trump.

Accusing Schumer and Trump of drawing “cultural stereotypes” through the use of “dehumanizing language that gives life to an ecosystem of racial fear and violence,” the article mistakenly compares one person’s opinion to comedy.

“America’s soil of racism is fed by jokes and incendiary speeches, by stereotypical images and symbols like the Confederate flag”

The whole point of comedy is taking it where some are afraid to go – the more controversial, the more interesting – and of course funny, that is if you’re able to lighten up and poke fun at yourself. Something all of us probably need to do more.

Rather than being divisive, humor can actually be a healthy way to unite people from all races and backgrounds, finding common ground through the ability to laugh at ourselves.

The Guardian and The Post, however, don’t share that opinion as the latter maliciously accuses Schumer of having a “blind spot” in terms of racial sensitivity.

In past material, Schumer pokes fun at different races through jokes such as “Nothing works 100% of the time, except Mexicans,” or saying that Latino women are “crazy” (a remark that reportedly upset Jennifer Lopez).

Such “rhetoric” as they call it “[B]reeds the fear that results in soaring gun purchases, that ‘inspires’ monsters like Dylann Roof to craft a manifesto with deadly consequences.”

Media fuels racial division, not comedians

What actually creates racial division is the media’s reckless and insensitive reporting on the recent violence committed by Roof against blacks in Charleston, North Carolina.

Rather than ignoring the psychotic and completely illogical racist rant by Roof, the media gave him exactly what he wanted by posting it in full all over the web, inciting racial divide among Americans.

The attacks against Schumer come at an interesting time – the height of her career. That’s usually how the mainstream media operates, attack the one person they deem the most influential in terms of going against their self-declared societal norms, also known as the government’s narrative.

Take for example Trump’s recent comments on illegal immigration. While there are many who share Trump’s views, the media’s smear campaign against the 2016 GOP presidential candidate is in full force.

Schumer responds to being called a “racist”

After being called tactless for delving into racial territory, Schumer tactfully responds to her critics by reassuring them that it’s just a joke.

On June 28 Schumer Tweeted: “Put down your torches before reading this so you don’t catch fire” with the below note attached:


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