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Protesters from University of Texas wave dildos while chanting fart noises to mock gun-rights activists

A group of 50 to 100 protesters from the University of Texas descended on what was previously the site of a mock mass shooting in Austin, Texas, on Saturday. In a surprising twist, gun-rights activists changed the location of the theatrical shooting at the last minute to make a point about the delayed response time of emergency personnel. Sure enough, it took law enforcement at least 10 minutes to find the activists’ new location, and the protesters even longer.

By the time protesters discovered the location of the mock shooting, the demonstration was already complete, and the gun activists gone. But that didn’t stop the parade of students from descending on the site, excitedly waving multi-colored dildos in the air while chanting: “We fart in your general direction. We fart in your general direction.”

The protesters, whose average age was about 19, arrived equipped with their very own fart-box – a subwoofer attached to a bicycle that DJ’d the crowd’s protest using an array of fart sounds.

The protesters’ highly immature, yet amusing, actions were in response to an open-carry march and staged theatrical shooting hosted by two anti-gun rights groups, Don’t Comply and Come and Take It Texas, who say “gun-free” zones need to be eliminated in order to save lives in the event of more mass shootings.

A purported leader of the protest, who appeared to be in her 60s, waved a dildo while stating that, if a crazed shooter threatened to massacre those around her, she would respond with “peace,” reported Natural News Mike Adams. Students held a variety of nonsensical and even racist signs that read, “A gassy society is a polite society,” “Our history is not a joke,” “What farts here changes the world” and “Arm all brown people.”


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