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Mizzou teaches Irony 101

At the University of Missouri (aka Mizzou), the student protest movement known as Concerned Student 1950 has just toppled the university’s leadership. President Tim Wolfe resigned on November 9, and Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin announced that he would demote himself to a lesser position by the end of the year.

Although Concerned Student 1950 is arguably motivated by legitimate grievances, some of their demands are as intolerant as the intolerance they’re supposedly protesting. Mike Adams of conveniently summarizes this irony, explaining that their demands include plans to “overtake the university’s curriculum for ‘diversity training’; to fire white faculty and replace them with black faculty; to deny a university education to deserving white applicants (who must be replaced by black students, even if they aren’t as qualified); to have veto power over future university presidents; and even to have the university fund ‘social justice’ centers all across campus that push even more demands for black students.”[1]

In addition, some of the protesters’ tactics have been mega-stupid, including attacking the very journalists attempting to publicize their cause. In this video, the student protesters can be seen harrassing a photo journalist, insisting that he had no right to take their picture — vividly demonstrating their hatred of free speech or their utter lack of familiarity with the concept.

Among the protesters, of particular note is faculty member Dr. Melissa Click, an Assistant Professor of Mass Media who exposed herself as a classic PC left fascist when she attempted to have a journalist removed from the premises by force. (That’s her, throwing a tantrum in the accompanying infographic.) Perhaps, she teaches the virtues of censorship to her mass media students. No doubt she has a deep understanding of black life, having written her dissertation on Martha Stewart (“The Commodification of Femininity, Affluence and Whiteness in the Martha Stewart Phenomenon”).[2]

Despite the protestations of Dr. Click and others, President Wolfe resisted months of student protests and rebuffed their demands with steely resolve. However, when the football team announced that it would refuse to play unless he resigned, he immediately quit. Which just goes to show that football is the #1 priority at big public universities. As the sportswriter Dave Zirin put it:

“So much of the political and social economy of state universities is tied to football, especially in big-money conferences like Southeastern Conference, where Mizzou plays. The multibillion-dollar college football playoff contracts, the multimillion-dollar coaching salaries, and the small fortunes that pour into small towns on game day don’t happen without a group of young men willing to take the field…. These athletes are a sleeping giant. At a school like Mizzou, where just 7 percent of the students are black but a whopping 69 percent of the football players are, one can see how their entry in the struggle had a ripple effect that tore through [Mizzou] and into the college football–crazed national consciousness.”

As Zirin notes, college football players are basicially indentured servants, with “their absence of due process, their lack of access to an income, their hellacious practice and travel schedules, their inability to take the classes of their choosing, and their year-to-year scholarships that consign them to being more ‘athlete students’ than ‘student athletes.'”[3]

In perhaps the biggest irony of all, by turning a half-looney racial protest into a defiant act of labor, the Mizzou football team may well have uncorked a genie beyond the wildest dreams of America’s academic Marxist hordes.





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