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Gay dads force Texas school to fire teacher who refused to call their confused daughter a “boy”

A six-year-old girl attending a daycare center in the Houston area left school on a Friday going by the name of “Sally,” but returned on Monday asking to be called “Jonny.” (The names have been altered to protect the student’s privacy).

The gender change was supported by the little girl’s same-sex fathers, who informed educators that their daughter was transgender. Due to her Christian beliefs, the young girl’s teacher refused to begin calling her a “boy,” which subsequently led to her firing.

Madeline Kirksey served as the Kids Club manager for Children’s Lighthouse Learning Center in Katy, Texas, for 16 months before finding herself embroiled in a controversy over transgender rights, according to the Houston Chronicle. The learning facility caters to children as young as six weeks old, and ranging all the way to age 13. Students in kindergarten through eighth grade are normally enrolled in after-school programs.

Kirksey and a school bus driver were fired on the same day that voters repealed the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), a referendum banning discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

“It’s time to take a stand, to push back”

In response, the educator filed a federal discrimination complaint against the learning center arguing that she was wrongly fired for refusing to use male pronouns to address the 6-year-old girl. Andy Taylor, one of the attorneys representing Kirksey, who also fought on behalf of the plaintiffs who challenged HERO when it was passed by the Houston City Council, said his client’s “essence” had been violated.

Referring to her “protected class as a black female over age 40 who holds religious convictions,” Taylor said, “All of those rights were not vindicated but destroyed.”

The Houston Chronicle reports:

The child reportedly showed up Monday with a short haircut, and Taylor said the child’s gender identity wasn’t set in stone. He said the child continued to use the girls’ bathroom. The 6-year-old also played football with the boys and, when hit hard, cried and said, “I’m really not a little boy.”

Taylor likened the imposition of such a decision over gender on a child to “child abuse.” At such a young age, he said, kids haven’t even decided what ice cream or cereal they prefer.

“I’m really not a little boy”

As such, the attorney praised Kirksey for standing up not only because of religious reasons but also to protect the child from ridicule and to keep the other children at the school in mind who would have been “mightily” confused.

Other children might have thought of the student’s announcement that her gender had changed as a “cruel game of opposite day,” Taylor said.

Of the pertinence of the case nationwide, Cain said: “We’d be blindfolding ourselves if we were to say this was an isolated incident.”

The Houston ISD prohibits discrimination against students based on gender identity and expression.

Learning Center teachers are trained to respond appropriately to students who present a variety of issues at school, Isaks said. “One day they think they’re a super hero, the next day they think they’re the king of the world,” the spokesman said. “… You need to be prepared for everything.”

The EEOC enforces federal discrimination laws on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetic information. A spokesman said he could neither confirm nor deny that the complaint had been filed. Lawyers said they plan soon to file a second complaint on behalf of a bus driver for the school who was also recently fired.

Cognitive development in children isn’t complete until late teenage years, experts say

As The Daily Sheeple pointed out, young children who can’t possibly understand transgenderism are being used to push an agenda in America.

How a six-year-old comprehends gender identity issues has, at the very least, to be up for serious debate. Most child psychologists agree that child cognitive development happens in four stages, and it isn’t until sometime between age seven and 12 that kids are fully able to understand logical, rational thought — but that’s only in regard to things they can touch or see. The ability for most kids to be able to reason without dependence on visual or tactile aids comes in the pre-teen years.

Yet, so-called “experts” claim the parents are just advocating for the child expressing “his” true self.

What six-year-old knows his or her true self? Most young adults don’t even know that. Transgender identity is a concept that a six-year-old would not even begin to comprehend without it being specifically taught to him or her. This is a six-year-old child who has obviously been thoroughly confused on what is otherwise not an issue six-year-olds deal with.

There are six-year-olds who pretend they are dogs and cats or super heroes who can fly. Doesn’t mean that’s true, either.





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