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Totally insulting to real women: Glamour magazine names person with a penis “Woman of the Year”

The naming of Caitlyn Jenner as this year’s honorary Woman of the Year by Glamour magazine has caused many people to ask: How can a man with a penis win an award called “Woman of the Year”? It’s a question that’s difficult to answer in these sexually ambiguous times, which is why it provokes such passionate opinions.[1]

Traditionalists and feminists alike have claimed that Glamour’s choice of Jenner is insulting to “real” women – meaning women with vaginas who identify as women. But it has also insulted women with vaginas who identify as men, as well as men with penises who identify as women. Not to mention women who used to be men with penises, and men who used to be women with vaginas. In other words, it’s insulting to other gender-bending people who don’t happen to be the rich and famous Caitlyn Jenner.

Take Janetta Johnson, for example. This black transgender woman summarized her opinion quite bluntly when she said: “Jenner’s a rich white bitch – she can pay for everything she needs. But I think she now needs to put some of that money back into the transgender community as she has taken a lot. All these years we have been abused and battered, yet she has used none of her power to help the community and bring about change.”[2]

Instead, Jenner has chosen to pose for fashion magazines and drive around in a $180,000 Porsche and a black Escalade – acts which apparently qualify as courageous and honorable to a media industry that ignores important events and places enormous value on trivial amusement.

Which raises the most disturbing question of all: Why do so many people care what Glamour magazine has to say about anything?



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