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Mass shooting in Roseburg; Sociologist says shooter’s gender is to blame

The school shooting in Roseburg, Oregon left behind multiple fatalities. The school, Umpqua Community College, has approximately 3,000 students enrolled in it. The gunman was shot and killed by law enforcement.(1,2)

Investigators are reviewing social media posts made by the shooter. The night before the tragedy, the shooter had conversations with people on social media about his intentions.(2)

Killer told students to state their religion before opening fire

An 18 year old student named Kourtney told a news register in Roseburg that a bullet shot through the window of her writing class and killed her teacher. She said the shooter entered the room, told students to stand up, state their religion, and then started firing.(1)

The agency states that the shooting was reported in a 911 call to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office at 10:38 a.m. The shooter started in one building before he migrated to the school’s science building.(2)

Emergency officials said that the local Sheriff was heading the investigation; nevertheless, federal agents from the BATFE were on the scene. Canine teams were en route at the time of the shooting to search for explosives, firearms, and ammunition.

Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin reports that when deputies arrived at the scene, they located the shooter in one of the buildings, where there was an exchange of gunfire. Sheriff Hanlin confirmed that the shooter is deceased.

The city of Roseburg is home to around 22,000 people and is located 70 miles outside of Eugene, Oregon. Logging is a big industry in the rural region. The school is located on top of a hill outside the center city.(2)

“When boys cry, they cry bullets of treats”

Shortly following the shooting, sociologist Randy Balzak began to conjecture on Breitbart about what possibly motivated the shooter, suggesting the culprit’s gender was to blame. “When boys cry, they cry tears of bullets,” he stated.

According to Balzak, the shooter’s misconduct was fueled by his very nature — the fact that he is male. In the eyes of many liberal sociologists, maleness is a genetic defect; so it should be unsurprising that Balzak was peddling such nonsense in light of the recent shooting. When men have emotional problems they cry bullets, Blazak suggests; whereas women solve problems with emotional exchange.(1)

Let’s not forget that women are just as capable of bloodshed as men. In 2014, Lia Y. Tricomo strangled and slit the throat of her former counselor, John Alking, after they had sex at his home. In 2012, Laura Sorensen set fire in a grocery store at Gig Harbor, wounding two men and killing a third. And who can forget about the babysitter Laurie Wasserman Dann, who set fire to her house before traveling to Hubbard Woods Elementary School in Winnetka, Illinois, shooting six children, killing one, and injuring a 20 year old man.(3)

It would be repugnant to suggest the misconduct of these women was fueled by the fact that they are women. So was is it not equally offensive when Balzak goes on live television to claim the same thing about the Roseburg shooter following a national tragedy?

Balzak later went on to claim that the shooter might have been targeting females on campus, despite having no reason to believe this was the case. Latest reports suggest that the shooter was targeting students based upon their religion rather than their gender; however, the exact motives of the killer remain unknown.

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