Obama greeted the Pope with a gay bishop, gay blogger and transexual

Monday, October 05, 2015 by

President Obama organized a rather unorthodox assortment of guests to greet the Pope when he arrived for his White House visit on September 22nd. President Obama invited what can only be described as the most controversial group imaginable to greet the head of the Catholic church, as the guests included gay former Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, gay Catholic blogger Aaron Ledesma, Sister Simone Campbell and biological man Vivian Taylor.

Is this the new chapter in the “Obamificiation” of the Pope, and the politically correct social nudging of historically conservative positions held by the Vatican on issues such as homosexuality and gay marriage? Could we expect anything different from the same leader who decided to celebrate the Supreme Court decision for federal redefinition of marriage by lighting up the White House up in the colors of the rainbow?

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